Nonviolent Communication

NVC for me was a wonderful discovery. The key takeaway for me personally can be summed up in a line “Observe without evaluating”.

We, humans, have the same basic needs and we are all capable of compassion and empathy. I believe, in most cases, our anger is basically originating from our own failure to communicate. If things don’t improve, we resort to violence.

One of the sentences I hate is “Do X because I told you so“. I am sure I have used that line with my kids at one point or the other but personally, I try to refrain from it as I think this is the fastest way of ruining the child self-confidence and maybe even your respect as a parent, who is supposed to teach them and show them the way. I believe, NVC, coupled with Taking Children Seriously has helped me become not only a better parent but a better person overall. I highly recommend understanding the basics of the frameworks and trying them out.

Here is a Medium article summing things up a little.
How to Deliver Constructive Feedback in Difficult Situations

Here is a video of a workshop by Marshall Rosenberg.
NVC Marshall Rosenberg – San Francisco Workshop

Here is the book
Nonviolent Communication

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