Week # 2

During the previous week, some kids sent through their take on “What kind of person do I want to be when I grow up” in an email, some handed it over on the day in printed format. It was fascinating to see themes like they wanted to grow up to be helpful people, that made the world a better place.

We continued talking about judgement and how it impacts us and the behaviours of everyone around us.

They were asked what qualities they wanted in their friends. Kids came up with many things like honesty, caring about me, friendly, loyalty etc. We went on to ask them if all of these qualities rely on the mind of the people, why do we focus so much on the clothes and shoes we wear. Why do we exercise the body but not the mind? They found this a bit unsettling.

We also talking about how we all have different personalities and different friends would describe us differently. Does this mean we have multiple personalities?

As an exercise, we asked them to name as many celebrities as they could. Kids came up with many names. Then we asked them to name famous scientists or inventors, predictably they couldn’t name many. We discussed how we can change that. We discussed how we can change that and learn more about people who actually help make our daily lives better. Kids agreed to read more and learn about this type of people.

We started discussing morality, right and wrong in detail and how it impacts how we judge other people. I threw the trolley problem at them to see how they reacted to different situations. Rightly so, they were very confused and irritated by not having clear answers.

In my view, one of things that kids struggle with is communicating with adults and choosing the right words to do so. In an effort to get them to talk about their emotions, feelings and learn some new describing words, I asked to describe the most beautiful thing in the universe to them.

As homework, I asked them to write a short paragraph on “What am I entitled to”.

The grade 7 and older kids were asked to make a Power Point presentation (using Google Docs) on “Seasons” and how they work. The grade 4 and 5 kids were asked to prepare a short verbal presentation on “What is Tax?”.

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