Follow the Leader – Blindfold Lego Building

Some time ago, I saw a website selling kits with blocks that helped teams communicate better. I improvised a version of it myself at home for my kids with lego blocks.

Here is the basic idea.

  • 2 or more people can play this game
  • Everyone is blindfolded
  • Everyone has the same number and types of lego blocks
  • One person takes the lead and starts building something
  • The leader communicates to everyone else what they are doing and how they are connecting the blocks together
  • Once all the pieces are finished, people take off their blindfolds
  • Compare what everyone built and see if the end product looks like the one the leader built

This exercise helps people learn to communicate better. It also helps listeners listen better. It’s quite a fun game to play and adults can have lots of playing this game too.

Here is the original kit and the game:

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