Give the child a screwdriver!

I want all the kids to have the ability to perform basic fixes around the house when they grow up. I want them to learn to use tools and figure out which one would work in which situation.

A couple of weeks ago, in the second hour of our group session, we decided to bring in some broken toys the kids can open up and destroy.

With adult supervision, we gave them a bunch of screwdrivers to figure out which ones would work best for their toys and helped them open them up to investigate what was inside it.

Kids had a ball!

After they opened them up, we asked them to put them back together, most managed to do this well. Some lost the screws, some couldn’t figure out what will go where but by the end, most of the toys returned to the original (broken) condition. We have kept the toys and intend to repeat the exercise next time by asking them to open the toy up entirely, including the motors and circuits.

It was fascinating to see how they figured out which screwdriver shape and size would work for their toy. They are definitely much smarter then what we give them credit for. Keep in mind the age group for this activity ranged from 7 years of age to 15, they all equally enjoyed the activity. This was definitely a huge success.

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