Week # 3

This week we started off with the group presentation on “Seasons” by the older kids. This was a wonderful first attempt and we parents gave them plenty of feedback on how to make the presentation better.

Then the little ones gave us a brief introduction on “Tax”. This was brilliant because they were concise and on-point with their presentation. They told us what is income tax and company tax. They also explained to us why we need to pay tax.

After this, we went into talking about what makes us happy. Talking about this we all learned that we all basically need the same things. Nice food, a good home, loving people around us and to feel safe. We discussed how we can translate this knowledge into making the world a happier place and basically came to the conclusion that we just need some empathy. We also briefly touched on “Utilitarianism” and how it relies on the idea of maximising happiness of everyone as a whole.

We ventured into a “Lying” and how everyone essentially lies about lying. How everyone lies every now and then. How there are different types of lies and sometimes it’s okay to lie and tell your grandma that the food was delicious. We talked about the consequences of lying and how overdoing can ruin our reputation and make us unreliable.

We briefly touched on the idea of equality. If we demand equality, then we have to reciprocate it as well and we can’t be selective about who gets to equal and who doesn’t. This was a teaser and we would revisit this again in detail at a later stage.

At the end I asked them how they define “Time” and left them with the task to think about it over the next weeks for a later discussion on the subject.

Change Log

The 3 families, we took turns in hosting the sessions but this week we decided it would be better to host it in one place and to help the host, the non-hosting parent would bring some snacks and fruits for the kids.

We also decided that it would be good if we could split the time up and use the first hour dedicated to Academic help on STEM subjects and the second hour on other things. We would split the kids into 2 groups and give them attention specific to their needs.

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