Week # 4 – Life Hour

We talked about the power of sight and how they think we actually see things. This led us into the conversation about Photons. Then we talked about what are we and the things around us are made of and briefly touched on Atoms and the existence of different elements in the universe.

We talked about actions having consequences and I left them with a task to understand what the word “Deterministic” means.

As we were now 4 weeks in, we wanted to understand how the kids were feeling about the group, so we chatted about that and seemed like everyone was really having a good time.

This week we decided that everyone in the group should learn to do the Rubik’s cube, so it was given to one kid with a deadline of 2 weeks to learn to solve it.

I also gave them a story to write, the topic “My life in the year 2040”. They were given 6 weeks to complete the story and the final output was required to be handwritten. Based on the age group, the minimum length was assigned between 2000 to 4000 words.

They were given the paper folding problem as homework.

Change Log

During the week, I created our Slack workspace for group communication so at the end of the day we parents were able to post the tasks in there for the kids to see.

We decided on having a parent call once a week to go over the progress and to analyse what was working, what wasn’t and how to make things better.

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