A busy day at Malik’s Clinic in the year 2040

One morning I woke up ready to go to work and so did my husband and his name is Hussain. My teeth brushed, hair brushed and now time to put my clothes on. While I put on my blue shirt with a striped collar and pick out a white hijab to wear , I hum a soothing tune. “What pants should I wear” I say.                                                                                                                                            I pick up my grey pants “hmm maybe this one, no I like these black pants” I decide.I hop to the mirror and lay the black pants in front of my legs. “Yes perfect” I say. I quickly put on my pants on.

I hurry to my mum and dad’s bedroom “wake up mama,wake up baba” I say. My mum and dad are trying to get out of bed so I decide I should help them. I run up stairs to wake up my three daughters so they can go to school. Then I rush down stairs to have some delicious jam and butter toast with some warm tea.

I make a savoury pancake for Hussain. I make some scrambled eggs with a side of juicy salami for my mum and dad. My mum and dad rushed down the hallway and sat on the shiny dining table ready to eat. As they gobbled up their breakfast I make crepes with a few spreads of Nutella and 3 dollops of cream and some cut strawberries for my kids.

“Now that everyone has finished their breakfast it’s about time to walk the kids to school” I say. “Okay Saba” said mama and baba. As I walk my kids to school and see that my three daughters are talking to their friends so I decide I should ask them their names so they can come over after school for a playdate with permission from their mothers.

Now that I have finished walking my kids to school I drop by to my brother Ahmad’s house because it’s almost exactly right next to the school and also because it’s part of my routine. While I’m there I decided although Ahmad’s house is not my house I would like to make some tea for both me and Ahmad.

I quickly rush home ready to go to work. I enter my house and run to my bedroom and get my briefcase and Hussain’s briefcase as well. I also grab mum and dads briefcase from their room and we’re off to the clinic. My mum ,dad ,me and Hussain get in to our shiny one wheel flying car. I quickly sit in the front passenger seat and tap on our glowing turquoise gps and enter “The Malik’s Clinic”. In the wink of an eye we’re are flying in the air. As we’re flying I look down and see fresh white roads that almost look like white tiles, I see millions of people walking and I can even hear them talking. I see Ahmad’s gigantic art studio with people rushing in and out with multiple shoe designs and buckets of fabric and fabric paint.

Before I know it we are at The Malik’s Clinic. Everyone quickly hops out of the flying car and then all of us head to the license area. We all take out our dental license and show it to the robot so he could check if we are actual dentists or employees, obviously we could go into the clinic because we have been working there for 5 years and also because me and my whole family are the owners. Just as I walk into my office I see a glimmering clipboard that has a list of who I’m going to have an appointment with and at what time. My mum is a counter lady, my dad manages the electricity and the security cameras me and Hussain are dentists and we do operations on people’s teeth and also check their teeth. I quickly go to my medical supplies shelf and quickly take a glance at the shelf, I didn’t really see if anything  was out of stock or not but I went there just to keep me busy.

As I waited I finally saw my first patient so I checked who had that time and called out “Sally Rippins please come to my office Sally Rippins”. Sally walked into my office and said “Hi Dr Saba today I would like to get my teeth checked but there’s no specific reason” “alright take a seat and I’ll start to check what’s up with your teeth” I replied. I rushed to get my tools and started checking her teeth. I took my mirror and started observing her teeth very closely. Sally had shiny white teeth but I saw a tiny bug that looked exactly like a maggot. I informed her that I saw a bug and I told her it will be fixed right away. I heard the footsteps of my robot and he tells me if I have any medical supplies left. He has a triangle shaped face, black eyes with glowing blue dots in the middle and he has three strands of hair poking out of his head . ”what’s up robot everything in stock or not, hey that rhymes, am I right, anyway everything’s in stock?” I said. “No ma’am nothing is in stock I checked twice that is also known as double checking the definition of double checking is whe-” “ uh oh um..robot no time for definitions I need to go to the pharmacy so that means you are the one who’s going to entertain Sally, okay bye” I say quickly.  “I’m so sorry Sally I need to go out for a few minutes okay oh and this is my robot his name is Zelli okay?” “Zelli ask Sally what tv shows she likes and then play one on your pop out screen, thanks,bye!” I ran as fast as I could to my supplies shelf I press every single things reload button but there is no noise, I press it a second time still nothing coming out and there’s no noise, I press it a third time there’s a bit of a squeaking sound but nothing is reloading. I run to the storage room everything is empty, I start to panic, I shake my head, “no Saba don’t give up” I think .

I run to my car and hop in, I type in “Malik’s Pharmacy”on the gps. I’m off, I drive madly, madder than I ever flew! I am here, the pharmacy is big, I rush through the skinny doors, it smells like chemicals but that doesn’t matter. There are robots everywhere but there is no time to lose let’s go in the back. I skip to the back, I look around, I dig my face in a few boxes. They’re all empty! I don’t know what to do. I look down at think, what can I do? I have a light bulb moment. I know what I have to do, go to my lab and ask my helpers and assistant to make more medicine and chemicals, yes that’s what I have to do! I hop in my car and start flying. Suddenly the car starts breaking down,it has touched the ground but that’s not that big of a problem, it was out of battery. Good thing that my car can cfly and charge. I get the charger from the boot and plug it in. I’m off. It’s a long fly but I guess I can wait. I purse my lips I fly even faster. The lab has my workers rushing in and out wearing white laboratory coats and they’re holding strange bottles of chemicals. I ask my car to pass me my laboratory coat and my “how to create chemicals, by silver bot ally” book, my car took out its arms from under and passed me both of the things and said “here you go Saba”. “Thanks see you in..” I check my watch and ask it the time “ it’s 9:05 Saba”. I turn off my watch.”uh see you in 3 hours bye” I finish. I jog to the doors of the lab and show my ID card to the scanner before I enter the gates and move along. I walk  into the ingredients/materials room and pick up the pink,blue,yellow and orange liquids and a bowl of white foam. The counter I work on is 20 meters long so it’s nice and wide but it’s a lot to clean. I also got a chemistry set from my cabinet and laid it out on a piece of black cloth so there are no spills on my counter.

Whenever I pour my liquids and foams in the pipes the chemicals look so pretty while splashing into each other that even you want to stare at it forever. While the chemicals are erupting I hear my prayer time reminder so I run to my car. “Hello Saba I thought we were meeting after 3 hours”. “No no silly I’m here to do my namaz, now please lay out the janamaz so I can pray asr namaz”. My car takes out its arms, takes out the seat and lays out the janamaz.” Here you are Saba come on now, hop in”. I get in the car and then a blank wall is placed in front of me by the car so I can pray. I finish praying and run back to my counter. The chemicals have mixed and now all the colours made a pretty turquoise; it’s time to add the foam.” once I add this foam I’ll end up with cavity remover it says. Hmm well I don’t know how they came up with these combinations but I guess it’s worth a shot” I think to myself. I was about to add my foam in until I hear my cleaning robots footsteps, her name is Cleanina.’’ Saba do you need me empty out any bins or sweep so dust of the counter”.”Um actually I need you to get a spoon for me, could you please do that for me” I reply. Cleanina turns her head all the way around and in her “object dispenser” she types in “ metal spoon”. By the time Cleanina’s head turns back the spoon had already came out of her stomach. “Here you go Saba,goodbye see you tomorrow” says Cleanina. ”Thank you so much” I grab the spoon from her hands, ”have a wonderful day Cleanina” I finish.

As soon as she left I took the foam out of the bowl using my spoon and use it to scrape out the edges of the bowl so I have the exactly the right amount of ingredients. I see the foam go through the pipes. “It’ll take a while to fully mix” I think so in the meanwhile I grab an artificial cavity tooth to test on to make sure it actually removes cavities such as bugs or brownness gathered up in one spot. The chemical is finally ready so I apply it on the tooth and then after ten seconds I dry it off with a paper towel. The tooth has no bugs, no brownness at all it’s completely white! I picked out a few other recipes from the book I used and told all  my workers to finish making all the titles and then put them in stock at the pharmacy and my office on the supplies shelf within three hours. I stare at my workers doing all the work I given them. 2 hours and 35 minutes had passed and all the work had already been finished so I hopped in my car to finish my appointment. “Welcome back Saba how about you rest your hands and I’ll for you” said my car. “That’s so nice of you, thank you so much” I reply as I lay my face on the steering head. We are finally back at the clinic. I thought I should use the cavity remover on Sally’s teeth to make the job easier for me. I finally finished and now I can go home with my family. As I’m stepping into the car a thought pops in my head “today was a busy day” I thought.

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