Aleena – My life in the year 2040

As everyone can see the earth keeps on changing so then in year 2040 the earth will be completely changed,anyway this story is all about me so why am I talking about the earth,ok so in 2040 my life will be of an adult and I’ll be 31 years old and I would be married and probably would be having children and I would be having a wonderful,amazing,awesome time but you know something that just kind of wrecks the peaceful warmth it’s called Global Warming and as you can see right now it’s getting a bit hot but what if in 2040 the place is going to be boiling hot!Ok now I think that went too far so let’s just hope that,that doesn’t happen or else my sweet life will be wrecked.Now let’s just go back to the peaceful topics unlike life wrecking thoughts.Now have you heard of the new robots coming up from amazing peoples minds?if no then I’ll tell you what kind of ones there are and what those robots can do!Ok first robot is the cooking robot if you are itching your head because you don’t understand well obviously by the name you should already this robot cooks so you put this robot on the wall and it will make some fabulous dishes just if your thinking if it has a full body well it doesn’t it has only 2 arms and that makes it make amazing,fantastic professional chefs recipes you know what another name for it is?Your Own Personal Cook!I think I would want have that robot and also the other ones I’m going to be talking about now second robot is called the Robovac its a vacuum and it cleans by itself isn’t that cool?So now that you heard them well there’s more of them than just 2 robots but I just can’t name them now did you know people from google and other places are saying there is going to be much more breathtaking machines and inventions in 2040 so look forward to that.Hey wait a minute did I ever tell you what I want to be when I grow up?no,ok so right now as a child it’s hard for me to tell what I want to be but everyone takes their fathers job because they love them so I’m going to take my dads job as well,which is being a computer engineer and I’m passionate about it because I’ve seen how hard it is and I would love to crack codes and solve very hard and weird riddles or questions so I could be the worlds first genius women and I could famous for being so smart and then people will come up to me and ask me questions as if I’m a calculator ok now let’s just talk about something else because I don’t want to show off.You know I was thinking just now that will I drive in 2040?well of course yes because I’m really interested in how my dad drives the car so that’s why he said that he will teach me how to drive so I’m excited even though it’s a long time to being 20 years old but my dad he was talking about something called a automatic car and then I asked him what does that mean daddy?then he said that they are cars that drive by themselves without a driver and it will take you to your destination but the only thing I want to understand is that what if you were in a automatic car and then you weren’t driving it what if you crashed?well who cares about that because I’m talking about life wrecking thoughts again now let’s talk about how the environment and how it will look like in 2040 probably the grass will be brown and dead the plants will be just like the grass and the sky will be brown or black because of pollution.Right now we have not a lot of pollution and that’s good.Oh my god I’m still talking about life wrecking thoughts again!oh I got an idea.Hey do you like shopping or eating in restaurants?yes,great did you know that there is a very high chance of shopping centres to get ginormous what I mean is that for example the Werribee plaza what if in 2040 it’s 5 times bigger than before?well I think that I would be shopping 2 times a week there and the restaurants will be a bit more bigger than before for example Mac Donald’s it’s playgrounds and menus might become bigger and better  than before so people can have an enjoyable time!Also maybe the houses will bigger too like all of them might be double story houses for me that would be a dream come true,I’ve been always dreaming and thinking about how it would be like to have a luxurious double story house and it might come true!Living in a single story house is quite boring but sometimes it’s okay.Also a lot of technology devices like iPads,T.Vs,phones and etc.might become more big or better!But the sad side of technology is your eyes will need glasses if you watch to much also did you know that watching or taking photos can erase your memory?how I know is because I watched something on Netflix it was called Brainchild and they did a test in the art gallery there were 8 people,4 of them took pictures with their phones and the other 4 didn’t then they had to tell what the answers are for each question the person asked and the people who took photos with their phones got all the answers wrong the other half got it all correct!So then in 2040 we will have to not watch a lot of technology but you can if you want.So this is what might happen in my life in year 2040!

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