Actual keyboards are important

As you all might notice that kids these days spend a lot of time on their touch-screen devices. This essentially means they are never actually using a physical keyboard and don’t really know how to actually type. Another issue is that they start to believe that there is an app for everything and never really learn about maintaining a machine or never think about the operating system or never really know that there is so much more that can be done on the computer.

In the last 2 years, I have encouraged my kids to use a computer. They had a terrible time initially typing on the computer but then picked it up. Now they can type reasonably fast and under what a file system is, how to organise their files. Understand how to use keyboard shortcuts. Explore the power of photoshop and other tools that aren’t really available on touch-screen devices. They discovered the world of how having multiple extended displays improves their life so dramatically when they are trying to learn something from YouTube.

All of this is an important skill that I believe helps them become more comfortable with the world of technology. Also, it is kind of hard writing a 3000 word story on the iPad 🙂

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