Week # 10 – Academic Hour

Adil wasn’t available on the day, so I took the kids for the Maths and Science hour. Amir and Kashif took care of the little kids, we all rotated the kids to give each other a bit of a break.

I took the opportunity to talk about circles and Pi. We discussed what actually Pi is. Once they figure out that Pi is basically the ration between circumference and diameter, then things become abundantly clear with areas and circumference. We continued to learn about the area and circumference formulas.

We also covered what does it actually mean when someone says “square” or “cube” a number. I personally believe, visual representation of Mathematical ideas makes things much better.

I gave them a task to understand why we use the number 360 for a circle and why not some other arbitrary number.

Amir tested the kids with fractions to check if they have the retention we are looking for.

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