Week # 11 – Academic Hour

Adil covered the following Geometry topics:

  1. Obtuse, acute, reflex
  2. Perpendicular, complementary, supplementary
  3. Vertical opposite angles

Amir continued from area and ventured into volume. They covered volume of regular shapes and the associated formulas. They started some intro into measuring volume of liquids and the different apparatus that are used. The kids learned what a miniscus is and how to read the volume correctly. They also touched on Viscosity.

I took grade 4 & 5 into percentages and after fractions, it was pretty easy to cover. We solved a few questions for discounts and profits.

For grade 1 & 2, we continued with addition and a bit of subtraction. Kids are getting comfortable with the idea of carrying. A good practice app suggested is Speed Maths.

Grade 1 and 2 also did a bit of writing. They had to write 3 lines about their favourite teacher.

Grade 9 worked on their writing skills with Suman and is continuing to practice topic writing with a 30 minutes constraint.

Optional Maths work given to grade 7 students for home.

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