Week # 11 – Life Hour

Today’s discussion point was working on improving the relationships between siblings. We discussed how it is not enough to say “My brother is annoying” but to actually find out what they are doing that is annoying.

The improvement relies on the older sibling becoming a bit more patient. They were asked to swap places between their parents and themselves and see how patiently they handle the situation with them. We asked them to try and be more patient and rather than getting angry, try to communicate better with the sibling. Rather than telling that they are annoying them, maybe “I am a bit busy right now, I can help you a little later”.

The older siblings don’t have to change the message, as they might personal space, it is just important to change the way that message is conveyed.

It was emphasised that family comes first, if they all can be patient and understanding with their friends, they should do that with their siblings too.

As we had gone through the stories they wrong on “My life in 2040”, we gave them some feedback on it. A lot of it was around structure and basic rules of writings like:

  • How to use paragraphs better. Generally using white space to improve readability.
  • How to use space after commas and full stops
  • How and when to capitalise the letters
  • It doesn’t matter if you have written down the best idea in the world, if no one understands what you have written, it will go to waste so handwriting needs to be easy to understand.

The parents will figure out the best story and then the kids will turn that into a play. Every teaching parent will also start keep a participation score that will reset every 4 weeks.

As the kids are on 2 weeks holidays, some tasks were also given to them. Here are the instructions given to them.

Task # 1 – Due next session
I want you all to dig up Melbourne’s daily maximum temperature for the past 2 weeks and turn that into a pretty chart using Google Sheets in Google Drive and then share it with me. You will likely have to do some research on how that is done. Don’t ask your parents, you have plenty of time to figure that out. Here is an example of a chart http://www.cutsquash.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/temperature-chart.jpg, yours could definitely look different but this one is just to give you an example.

Task # 2 – Due next session
You guys use YouTube all the time. I want you to make a presentation in Google Slides of how you think it all works in the background e.g. how does YouTube has all these videos? where are they stored? How do they know what to show you? etc

Split into groups.

Group # 1 Grade 9 and 7 students
Group # 2 Grade 4 and 5 students

You guys will have to talk to each other, so your Skype better be working.

Task # 3 – Due 20th April
I want one blog post each written in Google Docs from you all. The topic can be ANYTHING you want. Once you send them through to me, I will put them in the Blog. It needs to be nice and I want to see correct English. It should contain one relevant picture at least.

Task # 4 – Due next session
I want a one-minute video introduction from you. You all have iPads or Laptops, figure out how to record your own video. Spend some time getting the video and content right. Upload the video to Google Drive and then share it with me.

Make sure you guys look presentable on the screen. Imagine that you are sending this to the boss of your favourite company in the world to give you an internship OR some celebrity you love will be seeing this. Bring out the best version of yourself in it.

Task # 5 – Due 20th April
Write a 200 word (at least) letter to me (sent in email), that tells me how you feel about our weekly sessions. Things you could cover could be, the good things, the bad things, the things you want to be improved. Research on how letters are written and find some samples to work with.

Big Project – Alamgir (grade 9) is the lead. Due 27th April

You guys all use the internet all the time. We want a nice presentation, answering these questions.

  • What is the internet? (A bit of history is required)
  • What problems does it solve?
  • What is a browser?
  • What is a network?
  • Is WiFi the internet? Can you connect to the internet without WiFi?
  • When you type youtube.com in the browser, where is the content coming from?
  • When you talk to someone over FaceTime on the other side of the world, how does it work?

This is a bit advanced for grade 4 and 5 kids so be gentle with them. Ahmad is leaving for Paris on the 16th, so he won’t likely be much use to you guys for this project. Talk to the adults, research on the internet about the internet, make us all understand how it all works.

Change Log

Sessions will now be held on Saturdays instead of Sunday at 9am.

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