Week # 5 – Life Hour

In a random free form conversation hour, the discussions today were a bit science-y. This hour is always dedicated to understanding how things work around us ranging from philosophy to physics.

Here is what we covered.

  • Matter (solid, liquids, gases) are made of atoms. Light is made up of photons
  • Deterministic means, every action has a measurable reaction. The same action will have the same effect. Causes have effects.
  • Time isn’t the same everywhere. 2 people in different locations might experience time differently. The atomic clock is made of a photon bouncing between 2 walls. Photons travel in a straight line. The faster the clock travels, the longer it takes for the photon to complete a round trip between the 2 walls.
  • Kids were able to solve the paper folding task from the previous week. Folding a paper 42 times will make it as high as the distance to the moon. (Although you can’t fold a paper more than a few times). Formula: 0.1 x 2^42. 0.1 is the thickness of the paper and then multiply with 2 raised to the power of 42 (exponent)
  • Exponential growth vs linear growth. Your age grows linearly (steadily). Folding paper (using exponential formula) is curved (grows faster as time passes).

Feedback Session

A non-parent adult sat with each individual child and asked them how they were feeling about the group and if they were having any other problems that. What would they like to work on etc. Useful session shedding more light on how all the kids have different needs.

Change Log

Preferably on the night of the sessions, all parents jump on a quick call to review how the session went and what should be done next.

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