Week # 6 – Life Hour

Today we didn’t have a lot of time to talk about general stuff but we discussed how to respond to people when they say mean things to us. Kids had many ideas on how they respond and how could that be done better.

We also touched briefly on timezones and kids were given the task to read up about them to continue the conversation next week.

The grade 9 student likes Robotics so we gave him a task to design a simple robot with 2 servo motors and an Arduino board. He would be getting an additional hour during the week for a one on one session with me to learn programming/coding and work on the robot.

Change Log

During the week a new family got added to the group. With kids in grade 5 and grade 1.

Now our group consists of:

  • 1 grade 9 student
  • 3 grade 7 students
  • 2 grade 5 students
  • 1 grade 4 student
  • 1 grade 2 student
  • 1 grade 1 student

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