Week # 7 – Academic Hour

Adil continued with units and then moved to some other stuff. Exercise for home below.

Amir would now officially take charge of general science stuff. They started working on Area.

A task to be given at home was also given.

I would like you all to measure the area of your room. Put your findings on a piece of paper that clearly shows the door and windows as well as the measurements (this is often referred to as a floor plan). Next, I would like you to tell me how much of that area is being used up: explain what is using up the area of your room and how are these items positioned in your room e.g. bed, chairs, study table (next to window) etc. Explain how much area is being wasted and why (write some notes)? Can you improve the use of your area? If so, plan and draw a map of how you would make better use of the area i.e. think about moving your bed, table, chairs etc. Once done, make sure you get it signed off by your boss(es) i.e. Mom and Dad. If they do not sign it off, explain the reason, if possible.

Kashif and I continued with the younger kids on Fractions and basic operations. The grade 1 & 2 kids are starting to gain confidence with basic addition and subtraction.

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