Week # 7 – Life Hour

I brought in a globe to expand on the timezones conversation and we tied in seasons with it as well. If you use a torch or your cell phones flashlight to act as the Sun, then it becomes quite intuitive for the kids to understand both concepts.

Here is what we covered today:

  • Why we have timezones.
  • Recap of why we have seasons
  • What is a leap year and why do we have it. Why does February sometimes has 29 days but usually has 28 days?
  • Recap that Earth moves around the sun in 365 and a quarter days. Earth rotates around itself in 24 hours and that is what causes day and night
  • How to respond when someone says a mean thing to us or about our racial/religious group?
  • A mean comment about something that you love and believe can have several reactions. We try to figure out a positive reaction to a negative action. For instance, you can get angry or walk away but does that make the situation better in the future? Why not have a conversation and try to understand why they are saying what they are saying
  • What is a “zero-sum game”? Kids to figure out at home.
  • A reminder that they should be working on their stories.

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