Week # 8 – Life Hour

We were pretty excited about the day as we brought in some broken toys and asked the kids to open them up and close them. Everyone was able to open the toys up with a little assistance after figuring out which screwdrivers they needed. It was pretty fun to watch the little ones figure out how it all worked.

I also demonstrated to them how light behaved when it passed through a glass of water. I demonstrated how the arrow behind the glass of water would look inverted at a certain distance. More details can be seen here.

Kids were very surprised at the behaviour and tried to figure out how it worked.

At the end, when we were talking about photons and how they travelled in parallel lines. I asked them if parallel lines would stay parallel on a sphere? This started a fantastic conversation between the adults and we went in detail and figured out visual ways to display that the normal laws of geometry breakdown when we bring the sphere into the equation. I have added a video at the end here as well.

A couple of images from the day.

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