Week # 12 – Academic Hour

Maths – Grade 7

Adil wasn’t available today so as a training exercise, Alamgir (grade 9) became the Maths teacher today. He helped the grade 7 students with their Math problems and started on the topic of parallel lines.

Science – Grade 7

Amir continued with deeper detail on volume. They did a recap of last week and started venturing into covering measuring the volume of irregular objects. The picture below was a discussion of our measuring our bodies volume via displacement method with the example of a bathtub.

  • Anaya wanted to know why it was so difficult to clean oil. This came up since we were talking about viscosity of different liquids.
  • Ahmad was going to tell us about oviscus/Ives is as he brought it up when we were talking about meniscus and of the two types I.e concave and convex
  • Mehnoor is to find out how tools are calibrated

Finally, all of them still need to explain how the formula for a sphere volume is derived. They have to their best to explain it.

Maths – Grade 4 & 5

I took the grade 4&5 students through very simple decimal division. After that, we started on understanding how multiplication for negative numbers works.

Maths – Grade 1 & 2

The grade 1&2 students continued in addition and a little on subtraction.

Kashif helped with addition/subtraction and later took the little kids through some calendar related things like the days of the week, how many days in a week and a year.

Suman continued with Alamgir on his creative writing skills.

Home work for grade 1 & 2
Homework for grade 4 & 5

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