Week # 12 – Life Hour

Today was presentation day! The topic was YouTube, so the younger kids took the stage first.

Next the older kids presented.

We provided both groups with some feedback on the presentations. After this, we all went through their 1-minute video introductions. I will post these separately.

I helped them both with the presentations and watched the groups struggle with communication. We gave them some tips on this like:

  • As soon as you have a group task, get on a call and discuss
  • Pick a task leader
  • Make a plan, any plan
  • Figure out any way to communicate with each other
  • Act like a team. Not everyone can put in the same amount of effort every time. If the group is successful, everyone is successful

Melbourne Weather Chart

All of the kids successfully completed the weather chart task so we quickly went through one of them to give them a few tips on how to use Google Sheets. Here is one of them.

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