Baking is my business!

At the age of four, I got to make my first cupcakes by myself. I made them from a little cupcake making kit that was princess themed. From what I remember, the cupcakes where vanilla flavoured cake, with white vanilla icing and sugar paper princesses.

Ever since then I have had baking senses to whenever someone in the house was baking without me. I learnt baking from watching youtube videos. I was the baker of the family. I taught my mum how to bake, and so we started baking together.

I and my mum would bake for every occasion, whether it was a birthday, or just for fun. We would also make desserts for others and not make a profit.

Years past of me baking and getting more experienced. One Saturday night my nine-year-old self was sitting next to my mum looking into the distance. I started talking to her about starting a café when I grow up. She supported my idea and so we started visualizing what it would look like, pretty much having fun with our imaginations. We continued chatting when my mum interrupted recommending why I don’t start selling cakes right know. I hesitated thinking of how young I was but agreed. We sat there thinking of a name. We mumbled some words together until we came to the product of ‘Bake My Wonder’. As soon as we came up with this I went running to my father asking him to make me a logo. In the end, the internet did it for me.

That was the birth of my business. A few days later at school I announced to my class that I would start placing orders. My first customer was one of my classmates. He placed an order for a tray of brownies. After that, my business started popping up. People told their friends whom their friends and it spread. At first, I would just get small orders, like things they would eat on the spot. Then people started trusting me and gave me bigger projects. For instance, baby showers, parties and etc. At one point I was so overwhelmed of orders I would have a panic attack.

My mum and I decided we wanted more people to know, so we made a business account on Instagram. We started posting photos of the baking process, the creations and the news. Slowly the business was getting bigger and bigger. In three months of the business, I had the money to buy a laptop. In six months of the business, I had the money to buy a plane ticket. I did so.

I am now turning twelve and still continuing the business. I am still successful and still having fun.

Now looking at myself, I know that whatever your dream is, however old you are, you can make your dreams come true and achieve big things.

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