How I started Learning to play the piano

One day at the start of this year I was watching a video on YouTube. While I was watching an ad popped up on my screen that said “simply piano” . It showed a little boys first week on learning sheet music on this app. I wanted to learn how to play sheet music so I decided to download this app. The first day was going very well, I was enjoying the app. The best thing about it is that whenever you make a mistake the app corrects you so that you can learn what you have done wrong and improve.

The app takes steps on learning every single letter, but if you did it once the app makes sure you will remember what you have done previously. The learning process feels like it hasn’t even been a day yet but it turns out it has actually been 3 weeks. Once I had finished learning the basics the app asked me to pay money if I wanted to keep going. I asked my dad if he could pay for it and it cost $60 every 3 months and he said yes.

Simply piano is really good app and I think whoever wants to learn sheet music should try using this app.

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