Old is Gold

Let’s take a look at a diamond. Do you throw it away after its old? Definitely not. it’s too precious to let go. Is this the case when it comes to family? I don’t think so. When you grow up and have kids do you live with your family or do move out? In most cases, you move out. You might have heard the term JOINT FAMILY. If not it means when you live and stay together as a family no matter where you are.

I have noticed in Australia many families do not follow this custom. As kids grow up they move out and leave their parents behind. They just come and meet them once in a while. In  my opinion this is wrong. There is a reason why God made us a family, to be there for each other when someone needs help. The advantages of this tradition are that you learn from your elders, they have experienced the world a lot more than you so they can guide you, they will be the only ones who will defend you no matter what you did and they will always tell you the truth.

In my family, we always stick for each other. Even though we have moved 13 houses, we always lived together, but sometimes like when we were in china and are in australia my grandparents couldn’t come and stay with us permanently so they visited us now and then.

Always remember family first everything else second.

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