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Hi my name is Shaherbano and I am 11 years old. When I was 8 years old in Pakistan I had my very first athletics carnival. In the race I had to run from one side to the other and I came in the top 5 students. I really enjoyed that moment and I wanted to excel more so I started to train for my next race.

Soon I moved to Australia and still continued my training and when I started school i was been announced to be selected for the cross country. In cross country i had to run 2 kilometers around a big oval / circle. I trained in school in the mornings with my P.E teacher. When my race started I ran on my pace so I didn’t get tired and at the end I sprinted and came first. I was so happy because I got to go in the finals. I trained harder and harder. I got better and better. In the finals I came fifth. I was really proud of myself and of course I went in the district level which was the last round.

I wanted to win it so bad and to do that i had to come in top 8. I was really nervous. Halfway I started to get a bit tired I kept on going and this time I had to run 2 and half kilometers. At the end i tried my best to run really fast but someone cut through and i couldn’t make it. I came in top 10 it was just not good enough but i was really proud of what I accomplished so far and going to keep up this and train harder. Running is good for you.

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