Family Fun Day At My Dad’s Office!

One day my dad came home with some exciting news and he said, “On Friday we are going to my office for Family Fun Day!”. From then on, I was super excited and I kept thinking about it every day.

The day had come and we had to wake up really early because my mum and dad had to make a snack for us to eat in the car and we had to get ready. We left at 1:00 pm. In my mind, I was thinking about how it would be like at my dad’s office, by the name hair and nail bar I had a silly thought that they would use nails to make our hair also I thought that the slime factory would be in a room that said slime with green goo dripping down.

We played bingo on the way to my dad’s office and we ate the snack my mum and dad made, it was a long drive and I started getting really tired. But I was lucky because we got to my dad’s office right then, but sadly we got there 10 minutes late. When we found parking, I looked at the huge building my dad works in and I found out its name was VICINITY CENTRES. We went inside and we went to the receptionists who were giving out wristbands, the show list and a plastic yellow helmet, when we went to the elevators everything looked fascinating we went to the 3rd floor first where the hair and nail bar and the face painting area was. I and my sister did the face painting straight away I got a simple one on my forehead because I have glasses and my sister got a rainbow tiger when she asked for a unicorn. Then we looked at the magician he was doing very cool tricks like juggling with 3 balls and a knife while riding a unicycle I was shocked how he did it!

After that we saw some people having I-cream so we went up to the 4th floor and we saw a lot of activities there was: the slime, cupcake and food area and surprisingly there were people playing musical instruments. We hurried to the I-cream truck and I and my sister got a chocolate flavoured I-cream and my parents got cheesecake flavoured I-cream, it was delicious! After eating my I-cream I pulled my mum to the slime area but she said that we can do a lot of other activities before the slime so I went to the cupcake area and made myself a fabulous, delicious cupcake with pink icing and sprinkles. Then I pulled my mum to the slime area again but then my dad called us to take a photo in the photo booth we took some really weird photos here is one of them:

After my dad left with my siblings me and my mum secretly took some more pictures from the photo booth and they looked hilarious! Then we called our dad and showed him our pictures and he said they look super funny then I started dragging my mum to the slime area but she wanted to see the animals, when we went to the animal room we saw a koala and a snake. The koala was adorable!

Then after we went to the animal room, I took my mum to the slime station and I finally got a chance to make the slime. But for some reason, the slime was very stiff so I asked the lady who was in charge of the slime area why it was stiff. She said because it was oobleck slime then she helped me to mix the slime then it was ready to put food colouring in, after the hard mixing I was exhausted. So I went to the slime lady and asked if my oobleck slime was ready to be put in the bag and she said yes so then she put it in a bag and gave it to me.

Then my mum took us to the nail and hair bar and I found out that they were not using nails for hair they were painting nails and were just making hairstyles then I  started laughing because of my ridiculous thoughts. While I was waiting for my sister to finish painting her nails my dad brought some hot chocolate, so I was having a relaxing time drinking the lovely hot chocolate! Also, I did my intro here!

Now I know that your thoughts about something can be super hilarious! =)

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