Week # 14

Secret Language – Cryptography

We started the day off with the “secret language” project given a few weeks ago. Here was the task description.

Secret Language Project – Due 4th May

Create a secret written language that only the 2 (you and your group buddy) people in the world can understand.

As an example, you can create a secret language by deciding:

  • If I write A, it means Z
  • If I write B, it means Y
  • If I write C, it means X
    and so on. So according to the above rules, if I write “ABC”, it actually means “ZYX”.

Some rules:

  • Only alphabets and spaces, not numbers are required to be converted into your secret language. For instance, your secret message could be “Call me at eight o clock tonight”
  • Your new secret language message can contain alphabets, numbers and spaces.
  • You and your group buddy should be able to memorise the rules, no cheatsheets


  • Group 1 – Alamgir, Saba
  • Group 2 – Anaya, Shabo
  • Group 3 – Mahnoor, Aleena

On the 4th of May, I will write something simple on the whiteboard for example “Hello world”. Each group will come and convert that message into their secret language and write it on the whiteboard. The other 2 groups, will have 15 minutes to try to figure out the rules of your secret language.

Today I wrote “Meet you at eight pm on Saturday” on the whiteboard. The 3 groups wrote the message in their own language on the whiteboard and the other 2 groups attempted to decrypt them.

The general theme was playing around with the alphabet position and assigning a number or alphabet to it. The cyphers were simple enough to be memorised by the teams. This was a good beginning exercise in cryptography and reverse engineering. I am happy to report that all groups were able to figure out the cyphers successfully and break the code.

Impromptu Speech

During the week I told the kids to just think about parenting and what would they do differently if they were to be the parent. Continuing with our communication/public speaking theme, today, I asked everyone to come up and talk for a minute or 2 about it in front of everyone. They were caught off guard but were able to cope with the pressure. The general theme to come out of the speeches were:

  • More chilled out parenting
  • Fewer chores
  • More help with school stuff
  • More adventures and outings
  • A points system for chores etc

What if Earth had no Gravity?

We showed the kids the YouTube video that talks about Earth and it’s gravity.

This got quite a lot of interest from the kids and the questions were great.

We touched on some of these questions.

  • Who is Isaac Newton? Tell something interesting things about him?
  • Does the earth have a gravitational pull on the moon? Does the moon have a similar pull on earth? If yes, how, explain?
  • Does my body have a gravitational pull?
  • Different between Mass and Weight (older kids)
  • What’s the gravity on the Sun and would we be able to walk on it?

This is a big topic and we will continue to talk about this.

Next Task

In the next session speak for 2 minutes about .. how can we fix homelessness?

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