My week of 6th May

On Monday the 6th of May I had art at school. We were learning about still life pictures and we got to draw a certain object for ten minutes and then we moved on to the next object. I chose the artifical grapes and a plant in a pot to draw. We learnt about shading and smudging.

On Wednesday the 8th of May we had library and I borrowed Big Nate Thunka Thunka. Big Nate is a very funny series and I highly recommend it . We also had science and we learnt about erosion. Erosion is when flat land is eroded by water, wind or ice.

On the 9th of May we had P.E. In P.E we learnt about triple jump. Triple jump is basically doing a hop, step then a jump and you have to go as far as you can go while doing those actions.

On Friday the 10th of May we had free time at the end of the school day. In free time we usually get to listen to music on our school iPads or play games but since Mother’s Day was on the 12th May we got to make cards and we had a mothers day stall too.

On Saturday the 11th of May we had our class and we watched a video on “What If The Sun Disappeared For One Month?”.

I learnt that if there is no sun then there are no plants and that natural plant life will decompose. I also learnt the actual meaning of temperature and it means how the atoms move very fast. We also talked about homelessness and how we can prevent it. After our class me and some other members of our group went to watch detective picatchu and the older kids watched advengers end game.

Then a few people came over to our house to have a dinner and also break their fasts. Finally on Sunday the 12th of May it was Mother’s Day and I got my Mom an apron, a keychain and a landyard thats supposed to hold your keys.

Over all my week was pretty good!

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