Inadequate transport

When Melbourne was initially built, it was the hub of urbanisation but as time went on the regional areas consisting the western and eatsern part began to be developed. The eastern region  was builtup first and the western region was urbanized after.

People from all over Australia are migrating to the western part of Melbourne and the use of public transportation is increasing in the western region as well.

Focusing on Pointcook, which is an old suburb has a population around 64,000 and increasing rapidly. It’s neigbouring suburb Werribee’s population is only at 48,000. However, Point cook’s transportation system and infastructure needs inprovement. There is no train station in point cook and very few bus stops, where as werribee does have a well planned transport system and infrastructure.

A solution to this problem is to add more bus stops and buses. People travel regularly to Werribee, Hoppers crossing and Tarneit so buses should travel more frequently on these routes. A train station should also be built to connect Werribee and Point Cook together.

Developing the public transport is vital for a suburbs successful future. This also helps other suburbs as people are able to commute easily and faster with very few delays. With less cars on the road and more buses and trains, the Co2 pollution decreases.

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