Last week was a normal week but something exciting was coming my way. From Monday to Friday of school days were exactly like the others but on Friday I had sports and it was raining so we couldn’t play outside. We had to play with the preps different games like the egg and spoon run, the dribbling run and catch. We were like buddies to them. Also on Wednesday I had my athletics carnival. I won lots of races like the 400m race, 200m, 100m, the relay and many more. I had loads of fun. On Saturday I had my study/learning group. In which I had an opportunity to stand up and tell everyone how we could stop homelessness. I thought we could stop it by helping the poor people and giving them money for food. We could give them a good education. We also watched an educational video about our solar system. I learned that if there was no sun the plants will die even if you use a light bulb it won’t be enough light to safe the whole plant. We did some wood work with drills. After the study group we went to the movies to watch Detective Pikachu. It was really fun and enjoying. On Sunday I had a regular day instead it was a weekend and we went to the mall.                              

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