Our 15th week

On the 15th week we learnt drilling , talked about homelessness and what would happen if the sun disappeared for one month. After our session we left for the movies at 11:45 am. Mahnoor , Shaherbano and Saba saw Pikachu. Me, Ahmad and Alamgir saw Avengers Endgame at 12pm. The movie we watched was 3 1/2 hours long! After that we went home. 2 1/2 hours after the movie, so at 5pm we went back to Ahmad’s house for dinner. We had lots of fun and the food was delicious. We had so much fun that Saturday and it made my weekend the best of all.

We started the session by talking about homelessness and a possible solution to this problem. One by one we all stood up in front of everybody to say our speech. After everyone had said their speeches the parents gave some feedback on each and what we can do to improve. Then we watched a video on what would happen if the sun disappeared for one month. We discussed the key points and the parents asked us some questions regarding the video. They later took us to do some drilling. Now you must be wondering why our parents would randomly make us do drilling. Well drilling a simple but essential skill and that’s what these sessions are for, learning new skills every Saturday. We first simply drilled some holes into wood planks, then drilled some nails in and out of the planks. We got to in turns, to simply drill some holes in the planks of wood. Then we learnt how to drill nails in and out of the wood. They showed us how to use the drill as well. While in the garage we decided to go to the movies altogether, and you know the rest.

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