Recap – 06/05/19 – 11/05/19

This week on Monday to Wednesday we had a normal week, with ordinary school classes. We had lessons like math, science, English, humanities and performing arts. On Thursday we had first ever athletics carnival since are school was built. I had participated in many races like, 200 m, 400, long jump and triple jump. Surprisingly I came first in triple jump, which really exciting because I was competing against a year 8 student. On Friday we had a great day at school because I had my first wood tech lesson. I was giving an opportunity to build a wooden boxes to carry my belongings.

Saturday was an interesting and interacting day. We had a chance to talk about homelessness and how we can prevent it. Homelessness is the state of having no home. It is estimated that 150 million people are homeless worldwide. Surprisingly some people want to me homeless. The way we prevent this is by providing donations, also by not wasting money on unnecessary things like building museums, bridges, statues etc. and by building education and resource centres for homeless people.

We also learned how to use a drill machine.

The final thing that we learnt was about the solar system. Here is the question what will happen if the sun disappeared. In this instance all the planets, would retain their forward motion. Therefore, rather than fall towards the now non-existent Sun, they would fly off in a straight line into space. Of course, for us on Earth, the consequences would be pretty dire. On the plus side, our planet retains heat rather well, so we wouldn’t freeze to death instantly. Also, as light from the Sun takes eight and a half minutes to reach us, we’d have a final few moments of glorious sunshine before our planet was bathed in darkness. The Moon suddenly disappeared as it no longer had the Sun’s light to reflect. The planets in the sky would follow suit, disappearing one by one as the wave of darkness reached them. For humans, we’d probably have to pool together and build a few nuclear fusion reactors in order to last a while.

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