Recap 11/5/19

Week 15, yet another interesting session of learning comes to an end. We covered the effects of the Sun through a presentation, we learned how to properly drill a hole and then everyone was asked to give their views about Homelessness. I also learned how to run a motor using an Arduino board.

The sun is the center of our solar system and it affects the planets moving around it and the beings living on them. The sun’s giant mass creates a powerful gravitational pull and it gives the earth heat and sunlight. If the sun was to die or simply vanish the earth would start to drift out of its orbit and soon out of our solar system. The earth would start freezing and plants won’t be able to complete photosynthesis which requires sunlight. This would result in the food chain crashing and levels of CO2 rising. Soon the atmosphere would become unbreathable due to the huge amounts of carbon dioxide.

We used a battery powered drill to drill a hole in a plank. We then tried to drill enough holes to be able to snap the plank in half from the spot of the holes.

Homelessness is the state of being homeless or living in a home which far below living standards. Homelessness had initially begun in the industrial revolution in Europe. Since then homelessness has become a global issue and has escalated in recent years. In 2015 it was estimated that 100 million people were homeless worldwide and around 1.6 billion people were living in inadequate housing.

Some common reasons behind homelessness are domestic violence, poverty, loss of jobs, lack of education, bankruptcy, being born into poverty and some just want to be homeless. Some short term solutions include charity events, shelters and donation of food and clothing but this won’t prevent homelessness in the future.

Long term solutions include education centers, special jobs for under skilled people, money management programs and government funding should be given until a steady and adequate monthly earning is established considering that the person or family is trying their best to look for a job.

To run a motor, it needs to have a battery source and a button if needed to switch on and off. In this case the battery was the Arduino board and a simple push button was used as a switch. All of this connected together using jumper wires.

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