The tale of 13 migrations

How many times have you moved houses? Well, I don’t know about you but I have hoped 13 times. When my dad was in the army we moved every year. Each time we moved we had to change schools.  Even though my dad retired 3 year ago, god found us a new reason to move each time. In 2018 we decided to move to Australia thinking that this was our last move, but guess what, after living in Werribee for a year we decided to build our own house in point cook. So now in 2019 we have moved once again holding our record.

As much as I love moving, I hated changing schools one because I had to leave my friends behind and two that we had to go through a different curriculum each time especially in Australia. In Pakistan we had tough studies, different subjects and a different style of learning. When we came to Australia everything changed, the studies were different. It was weird how in Pakistan we had no time to talk due the amount of work but here it was just so calm and relaxed. I am not saying that this is wrong I just mean that moving schools can have some negative impacts like kids can get confused, misunderstood, and lonely because they realize that there is no point of making friends due to their yearly move and that they have a high chance of lacking in studies. At the same time moving could be good – you get to know about new cultures, languages and new people.

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