My week of 13 May

On Monday I had art at school. We got to paint still life pictures and painted a bunch of grapes on top of a silver, shiny bowl. On Wednesday I had a library session and I borrowed a book called Yotsuba 3 I found it very funny and it is a comic ,it is made in Japan so unlike English books, Japanese books are read right to left. We also had science. In science, we did an experiment. We rolled sand, rocks and clay into a ball and let it dry. So that made us a homemade rock. Then we placed it into a jar and filled it with water. Then we put in our rock and it started to erode if you don’t know what erode means here is a definition erode meaning.

On Thursday we had p.e. In p.e we learnt how to throw a shot put. The topic was a bit hard for me because the balls were a bit heavy for me since they weighed 1.5kg. On Friday we got to have free time at the end of the school day. I had a lot of fun since I could chat to my friends all I wanted and play games on our iPads.

On Saturday we had our weekly class and we learnt about global warming and we watched this video about what if all the ice melted in the world if you want to watch it here is the link video. I learnt that Miami and London will disappear, wind patterns will change, you will slowly choke and even 1.5 million year ice will also melt! We also researched a topic for 3 minutes chosen from this website topic generator then we talked about it for 1 minute. After that, we listened to songs and found out their real meaning.

I had a fantastic week!

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