My weekly recap from 18th May

Throughout this week we had our learning sessions in which we talked about global warming, creating replicas of apps such as Instagram, finding hidden messages in songs, creating a random speech we had to prepare within 3 minutes and we also talked about estamation of the amount of money spent by parents every month. Other things outside the learning sessions include celebrating my dad’s birthday and playing basketball.

Learning sessions:

In this week’s session we started by picking a random topic made by a random topic generator. We got three minutes to prepare for our speech and research the random topic we chose. It was fun to see what I could do within the time span of three minutes. I used the feedback I got from last week by looking at all of the audience and loosening up, which made it slightly less daunting for me. In fact, I feel like my speech from this week was the best one yet by me talking-wise. We then looked at a song by Pink Flloyd called wish you were here that conveyed a strong message when looked into. One of the tasks we got was thinking of how we would approach creating a replica of Instagram and also estamating how much our parents spend monthly. The last thing was what global warming is and how it affects us. For more info on the session click here.

The rest of my weekend

I spent the rest of the weekend with my family and going to the park to play basketball. As the height of the backboard was slightly shorter than a standard hoop, I practiced touching the 3 metre high backboard. I was happy because I had fun playing basketball and I also felt of accomplishment by doing something I couldn’t do before.

My dad’s birthday!!

On the 21st of May we celebrated my dad’s birthday, Saba and I bought Dad presents and Mum made a beautiful cake that she posted pictures of on her facebook page, after taking pictures with our dad we began to muck around with the helium-filled ballons making very high-pitched voices. It was hilarious!!

Those are the main events of this week. I’ll have some more exciting stuff to tell you about my week

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