May 11 – May 17

So the recap of Saturday was: We all sat down on the floor and all of us presented our speeches for “how can we fix homelessness?”. Most of the people said to give charity and stalls also some food. That took about half an hour and then we watched a video called “ what if the sun disappeared for a month?”. So after the video finished we discussed about the video and we had to tell everyone what we learnt this is what some people said: they learnt that earth would turn into a rogue planet, all the plants will die, earth has enough oxygen for us to survive for a thousand years. The last thing we did was drilling so we were drilling a piece of wood two by two with two of the uncles, I learnt that we had to first make sure the nail was straight and then we had to put all your pressure on the top of the drilling machine and we had to press a button for it to drill also there was button that made the nail go clockwise and anti-clockwise. This the recap of last week on the 11th of May on Saturday.

My week:

Sunday: We went to Science Works and there we went to the plumbing station to learn how it works. Then we went to an Aunty’s house where we did Aftari (dinner)with our grandparents and cousins.

Monday: It was a school day and first I we had reading then maths then recess then writing then humanities then lunch and lastly we had to present our TIIIP. When I came home I went to do my NAPLAN practice because I had NAPLAN on Tuesday.

Tuesday: Today was the day for NAPLAN test and I had my writing test first, it was very easy. Then we had recess because we had two hours of NAPLAN after recess we had writing again and then we had reading then lunch and then lastly maths. Then when I came home I started doing more of my NAPLAN practice I was having my reading test on Wednesday.

Wednesday: It was school again and we had our reading NAPLAN test for two hours then we had recess then reading again then Italian and then lunch then P.E (physical education). When I came home I didn’t have to do NAPLAN practice because we didn’t have NAPLAN tests on Thursday.

Thursday: We didn’t have NAPLAN, so we started off with some reading then writing and then we had recess then we had art because we didn’t have art on Tuesday because of our NAPLAN test. After art we had maths and then lunch and then humanities. When I came home I started practicing for my languages conventions NAPLAN test.

Friday: Today was school and we started off with our NAPLAN test which was for language conventions it was pretty easy so then we had recess because NAPLAN  went for two hours after recess we had maths and then STEM and then we had lunch after lunch we had writing.

This is the end of my week everyone, hope you enjoyed it!

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