May 18 – May 24

Recap for the session: So just for a warm up we had to give a speech about a topic so for example I chose aliens and then I had search up about aliens then I had give a speech about it, so I said people have been saying that they have been seeing UFO’S in the sky but no one really knows if they are real which is a mystery. We watched a video after the speeches and some people took some notes. We watched the video called “What If All Of The World’s Ice Melted?” from the notes we had written we had to tell everyone what we learnt, one of the parents asked if we were scared or terrified most people said terrified but then the calmed us down and said it’s ok it won’t happen right now.Then we talked about how we could make a copy of Instagram so we could get thirty thousand dollars. Then we listened to a song called” Wish You Were Here” and we talked about what it meant by the way it was a 1970s song! This is my recap for the session. Hope you enjoyed!

This is the story of my week:

Sunday: Today the whole day well nearly the whole day I was practising my maths NAPLAN test and the time when I wasn’t doing any NAPLAN was when I was at my Grandma’s/cousins house we were there just to do Aftari (dinner).

 Monday- Today was school and I was getting ready to sit in the car we got there at 8:42 at least we are not late today. So first I had NAPLAN it was a maths naplan test that one took over the 2 hours and we had recess then after that we had maths again and after maths we had reading and finally lunch after lunch we had writing and then it was home time.

Tuesday- Today was a another day of school and I was a little late because the bell would ring at 8:45 but I had only two minutes to get there I ran as fast as I could and I got there. We had no NAPLAN anymore so we just started off with reading then art then recess and then maths and writing and last thing humanities.

Wednesday: Today was school again and I first had Italian we had a test so in the test we had to write numbers in Italian. So then after Italian we had reading and after that I had recess after recess we had writing and then we had maths and after maths was lunch and last was humanities.

Thursday: Today was school and I had reading first then maths then recess, writing, humanities, lunch and lastly TIIIP: now you may be wondering what that means it is like we have to do a presentation about something like I did it about Turkey as in Turkey I mean the country Turkey.

Friday: So today I had reading first then writing then recess then buddies, we have buddies and they are preps we help them to learn and have fun while learning! Then we had STEM which I think all of you already know it stands for: Science,Technology, Engineering and last Maths. Then we had lunch and then maths.

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