Recap of last week

On Monday I had an exciting thing coming towards me. I was really looking forward to it. In the morning when I reached school I had arts and that’s where my exciting bit was because we were starting to learn how to do 3D printing. I was also fasting on Monday. So I couldn’t eat or drink. On Tuesday I had a normal day but on Wednesday some of my friends were going to the district cross country. They were really excited. We didn’t do much on Thursday because I had NAPLAN. I forgot to tell that I had NAPLAN on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday I had P.E and in that we didn’t work with the preps. We played soccer and the other team won but basically to me everyone won. On Saturday I didn’t go to my study group but my brother and sister did so they told me what I had to do. In the evening I had a dinner/ Aftari and we had loads of fun.

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