This week was a really interesting week. On Monday we had our normally classes. Tuesday was a terrifying day, because we had NAPLAN. Glad fully we had only 2 tests on that day except of 4. Then we had 1 on Wednesday and the last one Thursday. I am relieved that it’s all over. On Friday we had a boring lesson of PE. We had to performed and make a yoga routine. Saturday is the day I waited all week, one because it’s a weekend and two that we have to go to our study group. This Saturday we had an absorbing lesson, we learnt about poetry and how it conveys a message. We also watched a video about what will happen if all the ice of the world melted. If this happened the sea level will rise up to 230 feet, which will end up flooded countries and continents. Most of the humans would die but not all of them. If anyone survives they have to face dangers due to the Co2 relished in the air. There would be hardly any resources to live on. According to the scientists if we keep relished fuels in the air in about 5000 years earth would be ice free. The last thing we did was to learn how to be confident. I had to talk about water pollution and how we can solve it.

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