My Week

I could not make it to this Friday’s session but I can tell you about my week.Last Friday I had my reading NAPLAN.My week started off on Saturday, Not really a big deal except for when i got home I was practicing crazy for my numeracy NAPLAN on Monday . If you are not familiar with NAPLAN it’s is the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy is a series of tests focused on basic skills that are taken annually to Australian students,It gives the school there average and shows the parents at what national level you are standing at.Me and my mum sat together till late at night and then woke up early to practice more.

The next day,Monday, was the numeracy NAPLAN day. Everyone (including me) was so frightened. All the year sevens in one large room quietly receiving there tests, all of us shaking.When the teacher told us to put our pens down we all gave a sigh of relief. Unfortunately we all knew There was still two more tests, one more day. We still had to survive Tuesday.

My mum woke me up at 12 am to practice till 3:30 am for my conventions of language and writing exams , which where on the same day. I slept for three hours to make up at 6 a.We continued to practice till I left for school.

As soon as we finished our last NAPLAN we all threw our pencils and felt like singing , knowing we wouldn’t have to do anymore NAPLANs for another two years.

That was about my week.Nothing else that interesting happened to me. So this was my week . I think I forgot to mention that on the course of the rest of the week I had multiple tests for school. So my week was studying all day long for seven days straight.

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