My week of 20th of May


On Monday the 20th of May we art. In art, we had to choose any item to create for next week. It could be a drum, a scroll or a fan. I chose a drum. Then we got out our artbook and started drawing what we would paint on our item. For example, I chose a drum and I want to draw a scenery, so that means I would draw a scenery this week then copy it onto my drum next week. I can’t wait!


On Tuesday the 21st it was my dads’s birthday. My mum was finishing off my dad’s birthday cake most of the day. We went to the shops and bought a helium tank so we could fill our balloons. Finally it was time to celebrate my dad’s birthday. We took a lot of pictures! After that some delicious cake that my mum made. It was blue and had smudges of white. My mum started her own cake business and here is the link, if you would like to check it out Suman’s Patisserie.


On Wednesday the 22nd of May, we had Library in school. I borrowed Yotsuba 4 and Yotsuba 8. Both of the books I highly recommend because they are really funny, every time I go to the Library I try to get the Yotsuba series. We also had science. In science, we had a PAT test. PAT stands for Portable Appliance Testing.


On Thursday 23rd of May we had P.E. In P.E we focused on sprinting. The teacher would tell us a little twist to the sprinting. For example, he would say ” everyone sprint with your hands behind your back”. Then we would do that.


On Friday the 24th of May we had free time at school. I played helix jump and subway surfers

Saturday Classes

On Saturday the 25th of May we had our weekly classes. We did some speeches about a topic picked from the topic generator. Then we also watched a video on What if we used 100% of our brain? There was a task given last week on how much do your parents spend. My estimation was $3000. After that we had a question given, there are 2 lights and 2 spies. The spies have to use the lights to communicate how many bad guys are in the house.

My week was a lot of fun!

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