Rat Alert

One night I was watching television with my family when my father saw a rat near my grandparent’s room. I got sacred and I put my feet on to the couch. My parents went to find it but they couldn’t. I got ready for bed when I heard my grandpa shouting that he saw the rat again.

My parents decided to catch the rat. I was so terrified, I didn’t want to get of my bed. My parents tried there level best but could not get hold of the slippery rat. After spending hours of effort I suggested them to seek help from Pocket Rocket. My dad called Pocket Rocket on the app and she arrived instantly.

Within no time Pocket Rocket caught the rat and threw it out of the house. Thank God it was out of the house because I could not have slept all night thinking that the rat could be under my bed. Few days later at night my mother saw a rat again in the kitchen and she tried catching it but it got away. This time my father did not waste time and straight away sought help from Pocket Rocket. She advised to make arrangements to keep the rats out of the house. She suggested to order some rat poison and leave water in bowls near the poison for it to drink. Couple weeks passed and the poison was eaten. I was hoping that the rats would be dead. Months went by and there was no sign of the rats, we called Pocket Rocket and said thank you to her for the advice she gave us

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