Recap 19/05/19 – 25/05/19


This week was an exciting week because it was education week. Monday to Thursday we had guest speaks coming in to talk us through their career path. We had a chance to look at many careers like

  • Programming
  • Doctor
  • Carpeting
  • Engineering
  • Human resources
  • IT

My favourite speaker was Steve who told us about the future. He was really engaging and entertaining. Everybody else read of a screen and just stood there.

On Friday all the year 7s and 8s were giving 3 hours to create a presentation on a career for an expo. My group picked dentistry. We decided to make a 4 feet tall tooth brush along with 3 posters. We divided the work so that we could finish it. 2 of my group members decided to bring skittles to attract students and teacher. Successfully my group has been chosen to present this at assembly.

Saturday was an excited day as we got a chance to talk about topic. I was given a number of topics, but I don’t judge book by its cover. It was really tough speaking on the point but I managed to get through. We also watched a video about what will happen if we use our brains to full capacity. Basically if we did we would die. 

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