recap week 3

On Sunday I had a regular day like all the other ones. From Monday to Friday I was having an education week in which we had some visitors coming over to talk about their career and how they had accomplished it. We had different types of careers like, engineering, robotics, teaching and the one I loved was a new brand of a motor bike with 3 wheels, a roof and heating and cooling. It is being released next year. Also on Friday the year 7/8 planned a scavenger hunt for the 5/6. In the scavenger hunt we had a list of questions we had to answer like one of them was, someone’s name starting with the letter T. In total they were 8 questions and we had to answer them in 20 minutes. It was pretty fun. We also got candies for answering the questions right. On Saturday I had gone to my study group and over there we started off with choosing the topic and we had 3 minutes to research and after that we had to explain for 2 minutes. I chose the topic medicine research. After that we did a secret language type to communicate with your partner to tell how many people were in the house by using 2 light bulbs. Last of all we watched a video which told us about our brain how we are using it and what we can do to maintain it. We had a little talk about it and then we all went back home.

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