The beauty of a starry sky

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I was laying down on the roof of my house at night and stared at the sky. Have you ever admired the beauty of the stars? The night sky I saw wasn’t black. It was indigo with lots of little shining dots.

The stars were sparking over me. They were silent. I wanted to wake them up ,but suddenly thousands of stars started running as fast as rockets. Maybe they were joining the Marathon. The stars ran from the east to the west. They strode across the sky. Some of them were strong enough and never got exhausted. Some of them abruptly disappeared! What happened to them?

I shook my head immediately and kicked the unlucky imagination out of my mind.

The meteor shower continued. At first I admired them but then one of them came crashing down on our neighbour’s house. I quickly ran inside my house. My parents decided that we needed to evacuate quickly. We grabbed our valuables and sprinted to the car. My dad drove as fast as he could. As soon as I turned and looked back our house was destroyed.

For that night we stayed at our aunt’s home. Thank god my dad had an insurance and because of that we our getting our house rebuild.

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