last week’s recap 4

On Sunday I was finishing of my blog and all the work I got from my study group so that I could be free for the rest of the day. After I was finished I watched television and spent time with my grandparents. In the evening my parents made burgers on the baroque grill. It was so good. On Monday I was fasting and it was so cold in the morning. Usually in the morning I and my siblings ride to school but it was raining so my dad dropped us off. During school timings it was raining so we had a wet day time table. At home time my mother picked me up. As soon as I reached home I asked my mother if she could put me mehndi but she said ‘I’ll see’. After an hour it was if Tari and I ate fries and samosas. On Tuesday I had my netball training and I had lots of fun. Wednesday till Friday were regular days like all the other ones. On Saturday we did not have our study group because of Eid. I can’t wait for Eid.

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