My week from 27th May – 2nd June

Last week was very relaxing. We went shopping at Werribee Plaza, Saba returned from camp, we went to the library to get some books to read and I went to school as well.


My sister Saba and I went to Werribee Plaza with our mum to get clothes and get food for Aftari. We bought things from places like Kmart and Target. I also got a haircut (the shortest one yet) and we bought presents for our friends because of Eid. After buying every thing that we needed, we got food to eat at Aftari which is the meal that we break our fast in.

Saba’s return from camp!!

My sister returned from a 1-day long camp which was called “YMCA”, she found it very exciting as she went on rides such as the “Giant Swing”, a ride with Tarniet P-9 College (our school) and her friends. The best part of the whole trip was the fact that I got a break from the craziness that Saba brings into the house.

The library!!

Last week we also went to the library to get books that we like. I got “IT”, one of the scariest and longest books I’ve read. It’s over 1000 pages long!! I also bought books such as “Bleach”, which is an anime and is very action-packed. It’s about an ordinary kid becoming a soul reaper and saving the world from evil ghost called “hollows”. The hollows are called this because of the fact that you can identify them through a hole in their chest. I am still reading “IT” and look froward to reading the rest of the story.


In that week I also went to school and studied, played basketball, and socialised with my friends. We learnt about the ancient chinese, The Great Wall, and the ancient chinese’ traditions. The ancient chinese were very fascinating and their stories were so interesting that they could’ve been made into a book. We also read multi-modal texts and debated on the topic that the text was about. This time it was about “Dangerous dog breeds should be banned”. For or against? It was very interesting to see how people debated on this topic. After doing our work, we went outside and played basketball the boys went against the girls and it was a very fun game.

This week was very good and I hope relaxing weeks like these come around more often.

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