the adventure to neverland

Adventures are full of fun and they include a bit of danger. I and my friend pocket rocket wanted to go on an adventure. We decided to go to Neverland. We packed our stuff and were off. It took us about 3 hours to get there. The place was beautiful and it looked fresh. We were a bit confused because we had signed up for a house to live in for 3 weeks. We looked around and saw a big house. I knocked on the door and a lady came out. We asked if this house was signed up for a person called pocket rocket. She said no but she did know where it was. She walked us down to the house and it was homages. We went in and unpacked our stuff. After resting for a while. We planned to go out and explore the place. They were flowers everywhere. The grass was so soft that you could literally sleep in it. After a couple of hours we ate our dinner and went to sleep. On the next day we looked around a bit more and just had fun. On the day we had to go back we quickly wanted to look at the horses. We rode them and pated them. It was a great adventure.   

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