Eid week

This week was about the best week of the year, it was eid week. If you are not familiar with eid, it is a religious festival for Muslims(Eid is for muslims,Christmas for Cristian,Diwali for Hindu, hannaka for Jew,etc),the holiday celebrates the conclusion of 29 or 30 fasts of Ramadan.

This year eid was on Wednesday the 5th of June,so Monday and Tuesday where chaotic because of eid preparations.We decorated the house, made food for our eid breakfast, bought gifts and got our best clothes ready.on the night before eid, the ladies have a party where they get there henna done for the eid day, it is traditional for everyone to get their henna done.Eid consists of two days;the first day is when we do the prayer and have mst parties, the second day is less hyped and more sensible in the sense you would just go to visit others or stay at home, it was the day where there is no tradition of what to do.

On the first day after prayer we went straight home as we had a breakfast at our house. 20 minutes after we reached home all our guests had arrived.People kept leaving and more kept coming. Then when everyone left we had a 2 hour break until we went to a lunch at one of our family friends place. When we finished from their place we went straight to a dinner in the city.

On the second day nothing really interesting happened except that me my mum and brother went to watch Aladdin at the cinemas.The rest of the day I was just practicing for my health test which was on the next day.

That was my week and I hope you enjoyed reading about it.

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