Recap 8/6/19

Even though we did not have our weekly meeting, I still had a very eventful week. I had my first ever first aid training on Monday and had Eid on Wednesday.

First Aid is a basic necessity for anyone in an emergency and is vital for their survival. I learned what to do in life-threatening situations and the basic steps in identifying. A few of the things that I learned that day were; how to give CPR, The DRSABCD which is used to identify a problem and solve it and how to administer an EpiPen. Apart from the benefit of being able to save a life after this, it also gives me an edge when applying for a job over someone who has not done first aid.

This was my 3rd Eid in Australia and was the first time I fasted for the whole of Ramadan. We had lots of guests come over to our house for Eid. Which also meant lots of Eidi and gifts which was lots of fun. Eid always something I look forward to every year as it is a time of enjoyment.

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