My week from 27th May to 2nd June

So the day before my week started,I was sick and had a high fever. The next day being school, I could not go. For the first time i got to go to work with my mum.She works at Melbourne University. Lately she was just doing some training for her work. She took me the the main building where I sat and went on my iPad.

I was there for a while so I had lots of time to roam around ,as I did. When my mum finished she took me around the universities buildings and then got me hot chocolate.Later that day I also had my doctors appointment.

Nothing else happens much in the week until Friday.On Friday I had a dinner at my friends place.We went as a family to her house.My and my friend watched journey 2 until the food was served.We had loads of fun! After that we went for prayer and then home.Thats about it, hope you enjoyed it.

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